Members Code of Ethics

The Board of the Association endorses the following code of ethics for the environment, health and safety professionals working in the educational sector. 

AEHSA Members shall:

1.17.1 Uphold the honor, integrity and dignity of the safety, health and environmental management profession and the AEHSA.

1.17.2 Strive to achieve the highest levels of personal and professional conduct.

1.17.3 Not engage in, encourage, or condone dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation in solicitation, preparation or use of work prepared by themselves or those under their direction.

1.17.4 Promote compliance with relevant laws and legislation adopted by governmental agencies, including participation in activities with governmental and private agencies to foster goals of consensus regulation and consensus practices.

1.17.5 Demonstrate leadership in the safety, health and environmental management affairs of the institution, including opposition to activities and proposals that compromise the objectives of the profession.  

1.17.6 Provide a good-faith effort at full disclosure, technical accuracy, sound methodology and objectivity in collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of safety, health and environmental information.  This includes ensuring  the integrity, confidentiality and security of records and data management systems.

1.17.7 Pursue to the best of one’s ability, advancement of safety, health and environmental matters within the institution.

1.17.8 Fully disclose to the employer any economic or ethical interest(s) that could reasonably be interpreted as a conflict of interest.

1.17.9 Recognize the rights and needs of all individuals within the educational community.

1.17.10 Reflect sensitivity in interpersonal relationships and seek mutual respect among colleagues.

1.17.11 Assist individuals in the pursuit of professional certification in safety, health and environmental management disciplines and related fields.